Are you an Amateur Radio Operator anywhere in Northwest Ohio, especially in the vicinity of Sandusky County?  Are you interested in electronics, computers, short wave listening, or radio communication in any format?  Join the Sandusky Valley Amateur Radio Club and find out how much fun we have.  If you are not yet licensed there is a tremendous amount of information available.  You can email Jay at, on the web there is and, or talk to any Ham (Amateur Radio Operator) that you may know and get some insight into the greatest hobby on earth.  You can also go to Birchard Public Library and check out one of their newer books including a license instruction manual.  Anyone who would like to visit our facility and get membership or licensing information contact me and I will find time to show you around.

Jay Babione K8VCE


Jay Babione K8VCE

Peter Basiotis W8PPB

Ralf Billow K8REB

Gary Chudzinski W8GRC

John Cox AB8VW

Rex Damschroder KC8FMD

Ray Diamond KC8GEN

Chuck Foster KB8KIK

Dave Gierhart W8DAG

Bob Granstra Jr. N8XH

Mark Griffin N8OHO

Ray Grob NN8R

Joseph Hoffman W8JH

Mike Kosta K8VCP

Rodney Kusic KE8KUC

Richard Molyet WB8SQD

Brian Paul KD8CPI

Rich Reineck KC8GET

Scott Renz WB8JLT

Bill Ritchie N8FIS

Gene Schumacher W8VMW

Jack Stahl K8ASA

Tom Stayancho N8EHW

Roger Whiley KE8GMV

Ron Winke KB8NMK

Jim Yoder W8ERW

Howard Zink NI8O